CMS was founded
under the name of CMS Peripherals

The first CMS solution was a
5 1/4-inch external floppy disk drive called Megalink


Was a very different time...


The world's first ever website

goes live

The average cost of 1GB

of RAM was $103,880

SSD module is created by SanDisk, replacing spinning disks with memory chips launches

CMS Sales of over £1m+

Red Hat founded


Apple launches its first iMac

The first USB flash drive is

distributed in the UK, by CMS

The Millennium Bug causes

fear across the world

The average cost of 1GB of RAM

is $1,107


LinkedIn launches

CMS sales of £10m+

Twitter launches



Apple launches iPhone

Fitbit launches its first fitness tracker

CMS acquires


CMS acquires

83% of UK homes now

have internet access

CMS Logistics Centre of

Excellence opened in Castleford

CMS Moved to new flagship office in London's Tech City: Worship Street

Majority shareholder of

CMS acquires

CMS acquires 

NotPetya ransomware costs

businesses billions


Storage capacity is now typically

measured in Gigabytes and Terabytes

90% of the data in the world has been generated in the last two years.

The average cost of 1GB of RAM is $20




350k Orders

350,000 customised deliveries and direct drop services a year.

350 Employees

Working with our people to create a happy, engaged and sustainable CMS workplace. We do this by finding great people, investing in our people and keeping our people! 

18 Warehouses

We have 18 warehouses and distribution hubs in EMEA
and APAC

12 Locations

Sites in London, Harrogate, Castleford, Dublin, Kiltimagh, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Madrid, Paris, Shenzhen, Colorado and Sydney

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100 Vendors

We work with over 100 vendors of enterprise, hardware and consumer technologies



CMS Distribution

15 Worship Street 



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